Project: ThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford   /   Front bar area
ThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Front bar area

Front bar area


ThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Main dining room with bespoke linen ceiling sails, softening the view out onto the private courtyardThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Front bar areaThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Street facade with outside upholstered banquette seatingThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Detail of the bar storage showing bespoke neon signThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Corridor between bar and restaurant showing wall with recessed lightingThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Bathroom lobby showing contrasting black polished plaster wallsThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Quirky waiting room with mirrors and local artworkThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Main bathroom with black painted walls and dark polished plaster in contrast to the light and airy bar and dining roomThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Close up of the cosy banquette seating in the main dining room, with cushions supplied by a local textile designerThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Detail of the back bar storageThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Disabled bathroom with bespoke concrete worktop and dark polished plaster wallsThirtyEight, Summertown Oxford / Central dining room with large windows looking out onto the private courtyard