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The practice was established in 2017 with founders Ben Edgley Eoin O'Leary having a combined experience of over 15 years working for exceptional, talented and award-winning architects in London, Ireland and Australia. In this time we have designed, developed and completed many projects of differing scales and uses, all highly crafted and considered. We have established a studio that has a collective desire to create transformative, contextual and original architecture. We see the design process as an opportunity for dialogue within the studio and with our clients, to bring about a unique response to all our projects.

The ethos behind our architecture is underpinned by a rigorous design process which always explores both context and form. We believe context is not just the physical surroundings but also the social, cultural and historical uniqueness of place. We strive to investigate these contextual facets through the development of relevant forms, with concepts and designs that challenge our clients, their brief and ambitions. Our architecture embraces light and investigates materiality; engendering an innate detail and craft in our built form.

We approach each project analytically; testing and pushing the design through digital media, exploratory models and precision mock-ups. This rigorous method ensures clear, confident design and is an effective tool in negotiating the complexities of the building process.

This commitment to craft, authenticity and process creates responsive, characteristic buildings that contribute to and respect context.

Professional associations

ARB, RIBA (Level 1), RIBA (Level 2), RIBA (Level 3)

Type(s) of work

Private residential, Commercial, Mixed use, Conservation & Heritage, Public buildings, Hotels/Restaurants/Bars

Main locations

London, South East England, South England, South West England, East Anglia, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside, North West England, North East England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

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